Lucky horseshoe
approximately 6 inches wide and 6 inches tall.
Why is the horseshoe lucky?
The Core Myth
Seeing how pleased Pony was with new iron shoes, the Devil ordered a set.  The wise old Smith made the shoes, but recognizing his customer he nailed the shoes to the quick.   The Devil went away pleased but soon had sore feet.   He kicked off the shoes and has feared horseshoes ever since.
How does one share the luck of a horseshoe?
Heels up ... over a door gathers luck into a house and all who go within.
Heels down ... over a hearth will pour luck on to things made nearby.
Any way at all ...  a horseshoe is lucky to touch and is sometimes mounted along a walkway for passers by.
Horseshoes with eyes
In Turkey the nail holes in the horseshoe have become eyes to keep away the Evil Eye of the Devil.  This  Ouzel horseshoe has a traditional turkish eye motif.